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missippi_hippiewrite carelessly, thats when its best
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You are the sugar that make my sour bearable.

Lemon Zest

Bittersweet overlain by sour attitude. Something unique and fresh, gone unnoticed by many, but adored by the ones with sane mind. This is why I love you, you are like lemon zest.

That’s what he said to me. That is why I love him, too. He sees things in me that I have never noticed about myself before. The lemon sprinkle of my personality that makes me sweet, but just as sour.

“Really? That’s how you see me?” I ask sometimes. “Yes, you are the lemon zest that sprinkles my cake to make it all the more special.”

I hug him tight and whisper to him, “You are the sugar that makes my sour bearable.” “I love you, too.”

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