Hyper Nuisance
Hyper Nuisance  hyper stories
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missippi_hippiewrite carelessly, thats when its best
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1 am Haikus. This is actually my first time trying to write Haikus, let alone a whole combination of them.
Thanks for all the recent support!!!

Hyper Nuisance

Why am I always Hyper around you only? You bring sudden joy.

I love this fresh rush I get when I’m around you. Please don’t leave me here.

Am I a nuisance? I will fix myself for you, But you mustn’t leave.

I am so sorry. I can tell you hate me, so Please, please forgive me.

A thousand sorries I will give to only you, Simply begging you.

I hate being ‘lone. You made me feel safe before, Before you pushed me.

I am sorry for My sugary hype for you. You’re familiar. and I’m scared…

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