Hearts and Bones
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Some hopeful comfort even from the worst breaks.
Today’s prompt: broken.

Hearts and Bones

When I was lil’ And one of my bones broke I would scream and cry And my momma would take me to the Doc where I’d get fixed Momma would stoke my head and softly whisper, “It’s gonna be okay, sweets.”

Always when I broke somethin’ Or just fell and scratched mahself Momma would be there Holding me and whisperin’, “it’s gonna be okay.”

I grew up pretty soon And took an interest to boys Boy, I didn’t know what I was gettin’ mahself into.

After the few lil’ breakups in middle school I was just a bit sad Nuthin’ too big.

Senior year of high school That’s what really hit me hard I thought I’d marry that boy We were so close For so long.

But he broke me It felt so horrible Sometimes I felt physical pain in my chest thinkin’ about him I read somewhere that after a traumatic event, A person’s heart strings could slowly tear Guess that’s what wus happenin’.

I ran home to momma Like a lil’ girl Tears were streaming down mah face And hitting the floor Some sliding down my neck.

I told momma what happened And she held me tight And covered us with a blanket The fuzzy fleece one.

“Heart breaks hurt the worst,” She told me, “Worse than any bone.” I cried into her shirt Sobbing and trying to catch my breath through gasps I wish we could go to the Doc And get me fixed.

“But ya know what, sweets? It’s gonna be okay.”

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