Energetic Eyes
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missippi_hippiewriting is how i breathe
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A child’s eyes are the most colorful.

Energetic Eyes

His big open eyes dashed between objects Never staying on one for too long His fingers dwelled in his toothless mouth Kicking his tiny feet on the air with each discovery of something new

Just a newborn you’d think But this one is different and very special

His eyes They weren’t blue, brown, green, or hazel It was a beautiful mix of all the colors Marbled in to a silvery gray Like stardust swirled into a super nova They were eyes you’d never imagine without seeing

When you look into his eyes You’re taken away into a new dimension of thought They don’t resemble the eyes of anybody in the family But There was a small spot in the mother’s left eye An astounding speckle of color amid her black eyes

Hidden in the mother The color was displayed for world to see In the child’s energetic eyes.

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