Delicate Soul
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missippi_hippietravelers dont dwell
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A kind soul is a delicate soul.

Delicate Soul

She’s a delicate little soul Kind to every being, even a ground mole

Her skin too tender to touch She always says, “Of kindness there is never too much”

In prayer, she lives She doesn’t keep, but gives

A prayer for every soul in Heaven, Earth, and Hell She sits and listens to the church’s bell

An old woman feeding the pigeons Sits down by her and says, “I can see you’re a kind soul. Your holly glow shines like an angel’s songs.”

“Bless you, Miss, I am grateful for being seen as such a kind soul. Praying and caring for all, is my goal.”

The woman nodded and smiled. “You are a delicate soul, stay kind for your sake and all of our’s piled.”

She’s a delicate soul.

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