The End of the End
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The apocalypse is finally over, but the mass loss was too much to bear. This is the end of the end.

Originally written 2018 ---I can't italicize in this, so please understand that the titles mentioned in this, for example The Walking Dead, are not my creations. All credit where it is due. Thank you!

The End of the End

Zombie culture was big when I was a child.

Growing up in the eighties and nineties, you had movies like The Evil Dead, Day of the Dead, Night of the Living Dead, all of the big classics that inspired a beautiful mind child of different ideas of how zombies, walkers, stalkers, living dead, biters, and so on and a few more little cute ones, truly were and behave.

It is officially two-thousand and eighteen as of… Maybe an hour ago. I’m honestly not sure.

I know the date for sure, I’ve been keeping track, but time is difficult to track these days, even if you know and understand sundials.

This has all been happening since about… Two-thousand and thirteen I believe, so roughly five years. Maybe longer, I really honestly don’t feel like counting right now.

Things have finally died down, no pun intended. Everyone is relatively chill now.

It took five years, but we finally have a system underway to, “control the situation,” but personally, I think it is the people who have risen to power covering each other’s asses, excuse my french.

So, to make this brief, after I write this message, I will be killing myself. I am supposed to turn thirty this year, but I can’t make it. I’m just done.

By the time someone finds this, I’m sure everything will be virtually normal, but I just can’t bear to be here anymore. I’m sure you’ll understand after I tell you, but I’m over this sick twisted life.

I’m sure all of you older people out there, anyone my age really has heard of The Walking Dead, and if you’re like me, watching that show gives you a minor complex.

“How did things manage to get so bad so quick? That would be so easy to handle,” and so on.

Well, we weren’t wrong, but first let me explain this; Zombies as we know them are not quite how they really are.

Everyone assumed they were myth, so everyone and anyone was free to choose how they felt that an apocalypse would be. The real things? Gosh, I honestly don’t know how to describe.

The closest to the real thing is definitely The Walking Dead, but there are key difference. The main one being the fiction versus truth. By that I mean, think about it, walking corpses. It’s just illogical.

The reality… The reality is scarier. To those reading this saying, “Oh, you can’t say that, the dead walking are so much scarier.” Let me explain. They are not dead, but they’re not alive either.

As a high school student, I was obsessed with the paranormal and their history. The origin of the zombie comes from the sickness people would get after consuming human brains. However, the real thing is not quite the same.

What we as a crippled society have come to understand, is that this is a contagious disease of sort. We don’t know how or why it started, but we know what happens.

For starters, no one is truly dead, until they are dead. That is that. There’s no special way to kill a creature, we just prefer head shots because we know they will die for sure.

They do crave human flesh, but that’s another thing we’re not too sure about, we speculate that its because they see, or smell something coming that’s alive, and that’s meat, and they attack. Kind of like your average starving carnivore

How you catch this disease? If you’re bitten, or scratched and you survive. The virus is very fast spreading, so go ahead and cut off your arm, you’re still done. You’re organs shut down, your brain goes to mush essentially, but you don’t die.

You live on pure primal instinct, to kill or be killed. Almost like everything got reset in their brains, they’re purely animals. Violent, dangerous, animals.

As for why things got as bad as they did? People got scared. The first few weeks people thought it was some new drug. Like the drug in Miami, where that one guy ate the other’s face.

And similar to any other drug problem, people started hiding the problem. Families, specifically with older children, would hide their parents, their lovers, whoever they wanted.

They would hide the problem assuming it would go away. They died this way. They would get bitten and assume it was just a bite, or the smarter would go to the hospital and get rabies shots.

Unfortunately for them though, that bite meant the end. No one realized this until entire communities of people would seemingly drop off the face of the earth.

When people would go and investigate, they found gory messes of rotting bodies, mostly of young children, and bloody dripping messes of animalistic adults.

If the search parties managed to get out “alive,” they would warn existing communities and the government would soon try and “wipe out,” the existing problem. Bombs, firing squads, anything they could. It wasn’t ever enough.

The people who tried to warn the communities were ostracized, detained, and the problem became a panic as more and more people went missing until it was just too late.

Eventually the clean up crew just wasn’t enough and the epidemic got out of hand. Fear condemned us to hell, and now we are stuck.

These beings may be essentially brain dead, but they are smarter than us pathetic humans when we are afraid.

Once things got out of hand and there were less people than monsters, they went seeking out other places to attack, other places to destroy. We were finished before it truly started.

The world as we knew it has ended. All of my friends and family, everyone I met along the way, my beautiful daughter, the sons I adopted on the way, everyone is gone. Everyone is dead.

No one will know who we are in two, five, ten years. It doesn’t matter anymore. Everyone is gone. Its over.

People now have been saying that it is fine, but the reality is that we simply don’t know that.

For all we know, everyone is dead except the fifteen, thirty, one hundred people left that we know about.

We don’t know how many people are left, we don’t know if anyone will be left when things “end.” For now though, this is my end. It's over for me, I don’t care if the world is better.

I want to see my family again.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, that is if anyone has read this. If you’re still alive, I hope you stay that way. If you’re still alive, I hope you have found a way to live even though I couldn’t. Goodnight, good luck and goodbye.

-- Marcus L. Anthony

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