One Last Time (Trigger Warning: ED)
One Last Time (Trigger Warning: ED) trigger warning stories

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One last time was all it took.

Big serious trigger warning here. If you, or someone you know suffers from an eating disorder, please please seek help, before one last time, becomes the last time.

One Last Time (Trigger Warning: ED)

Her throat was burning, and her eyes watering as she gripped the rim of the running sink. She tried to steady her hands, but her arms were shaking so violently, she nearly fell.

The smell didn’t help either. It made her feel dizzy. She reluctantly sank to the floor, with her back to the wall, staring at the sink.

“One last time.” She whispered to herself. One last time. She had told herself that for at least a year now. One last time, and that was it. This time was the last time.

It would never happen again.

A gentle knock at the door made her jump. Her body protested greatly at the sudden movement and she let out a soft groan, clutching her stomach.

“Are you okay in there?” Her mother whispered quietly.

“Yes Mom, I’m alright.” Her stomach was starting to cramp, this happened sometimes though. She just had to bear it, and she rolled onto the floor, holding her stomach.

As if somehow she knew, her mother whispered something, someone else must have been outside the door. “I’m coming in, don’t try and stop me.” Not like she could have anyway.

“Oh my god-” Her mother had opened the door and she could hear the crack in her voice.

Her mother crouched beside her and lifted her into her lap. “Its okay now baby, I’m here."

She rocked her daughter back and forth, stroking her hair, resisting the urge to sob, and beg for answers.

She knew this had been going on for some time, but never could bring herself to ask why, or even stage an intervention.

Perhaps the thought that it was just a bug, maybe she had an allergy, she tried so many different styles of cooking, but it never stopped and she knew.

Now her baby girl was sobbing in her lap, because she knew the jig was up. There was no question now.

The ambulance pulled into their driveway within twenty minutes, and she was rushed to the emergency room, where she was evaluated and placed into a program.

Little else is known to this story, but with help and hope, perhaps she can find a balance in her life. Perhaps it truly was the last time.

~~Message from the Author~~ If you, a friend, or a family member suffer from an eating disorder, don't hesitate to call for help. Reach out, call a doctor, do what you think is right.

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