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Have you ever been in love?


Have you ever been in love?

Like, really truly, “I’m going to marry this person one day,” love. Like, you will go and watch you least favorite kind of movie just to be close to them.

That is a very special kind of love.

Even when they’re in a bad mood, you feel an overwhelming love. Even when you can’t see or be close to them, they rip your heart out just by existing.

Though cliche and overused, the term ‘soulmate’ comes to mind, because you feel so strongly about said person you know it’ll work out between you two even if things get rocky.

It’s a close bond of trust between people.

The kind that doesn’t need secrets (save maybe that extra donuts you ~totally~ weren’t going to get).

You two can tell each other anything and everything and don’t need to worry about sparing the gory details. Even when you gross each other out, it’s like a little game.

Maybe your not a big fan of their friends, but you get used to their ridiculous jokes, and you find yourself joining in sometimes, and eventually adopt them into your heart as well.

You vent at each other, and rant and rave when you are in a horrid mood, and they listen.

Granted not very closely, and on occasions you need to bite back a laugh or two, but you make sure you’re how they need you. Right there.

You do silly little things to stay consistent.

Say good morning and goodnight, you tell them you’re going somewhere and when you get back so they don’t need to worry.

The smallest things, like a wave and a smooch before you hang up the phone. All because it makes you feel like you’re closer than perhaps you are.

You take care of each other.

When one is in a pinch, you bend over backwards to be sure they have what they need. Food, clothes, money, you make sure they have it.

Because you care so deeply for them any little thing is never truly enough. You want to make sure they have the world in their pockets, and life treats them fair, which it often never does.

You become their person, and vise versa because you want nothing more than to be there.

It’s not a matter of title, not a matter of money, not a matter of sex, or physical feeling, but a matter of being in love. In real love.

Have you ever been in love?

Because I have, and it is the most amazing experience in the world.

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