It Gets Better (Potential TW)
It Gets Better

(Potential TW) short story stories

misscat1441 Just trying to make something of myself.
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What have we done...

Again, slightly nsfw. This one a little more so than the other. Also Potential TW, drug use, and toxic relationship.
Originally written in November 28th, 2016

It Gets Better (Potential TW)

What have we done…

The adrenaline rush, the electric sensation.

Oh my god… What have we done…

The feeling of being able to control… The horrible, terrible, powerful feeling.

The feeling of being in complete control. The intense, terrifying sensations he forced me- no, I did this willingly.

“Jason, you alright dude? You crashed pretty hard~” He crawled over to me and draped his arms over me. His body was warm against my icy skin.

By mere habit I nestled my body closer to his and I could feel his throat vibrate as he chuckled.

“Don't be a wussy babe, it's not like you killed anyone.” There it was.

His signature little line where he crushes all my concerns in a “it's not like you did this” statement.

He kissed my jawline and wrapped his legs around me.

“You're going to be fine baby, a little bit of tar never hurt anyone, and besides…” I could practically feel his lips brushing against my ear. “No one has to know what we did.

"It'll be our little secret, right?”

“R-Right… I just… You promised no one would get hurt this time…” I knew I was trembling, his strong hands were touching every part of my body.

I pushed him off me and tried to run for the door, but he was faster. He slammed me against the wall pressing his body against mine.

“It wasn't your fault… Just trust me…” He licked down my neck as I squirmed.

“It gets better…”

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