Hidden in the Mist
Hidden in the Mist short thriller stories

misscat1441 Just trying to make something of myself.
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It was supposed to be a routine check... It was supposed to be an in and out thing... What happened?

Sliiiightly nsfw?? Not anything bad, just suggestive. Originally written November 28th, 2016

Hidden in the Mist

I'll never forget that morning, it looked like a scene from a horror movie… It was foggy, Historia and I were on patrol. We couldn't see anything for miles.

We were sent out because I could hear Lee’s Walkman from nearly a mile away, and Historia was quick with a knife.

The fog against the trees made a misty gray, almost green color, and the beauty of it all was distracting. Not too distracting though.

I could hear the jingling bells, and we went to check it out.

Historia was watching me like a cat. “Hey Sydney~” She said grinning at me with her gorgeous green eyes sparkling like the setting sun.

“What is it~” I say in an equally sing song voice. I could play her little game for now. I felt her pain. We've been itching for a bed to share ever since our last sanctuary got burnt down.

“Maybe we could…” She winked, and I rolled my eyes grinning. “Aww, but Syd!” She put her hand low on my waist.

I shook my head and spun out of her grasp taking her hand in mine. “What if something gets through?”

“There's probably only one, I think we’ll have time~” Her hand was so warm on mine, I could feel my stomach churn in cruel desire. I gave in to her.

It was a mistake.

The herd that broke through separated us, we swore to run straight for camp. My beautiful wife ran…

I never saw her again.

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