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What if you woke up with no money in your pocket, no ID to prove who you are, no way home, and only eighty five cents?

**Constructive criticism welcome!!

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When I sifted through my pocket, all I found was three quarters and a dime. The cold wind bit my cheeks and ears, it stung at the cut below my eye. This, a consequence of the robbery.

I wipe away the blood, and find it is as cold as the harsh weather I am stuck in.

My stomach growls, a low, but demanding rumble. I arrived here a few hours ago after a fourteen hour plane ride.

I decided to save my money, after all, there would always be a place to eat when we landed. A crucial error on my part. My last meal was over seventeen hours ago.

I suppose eighty-five cents will have to do.

My heart stops, and my eyes widen. Realization hit me like a train. Everything was in my bag.

My ID, my passport, my hotel information, my cell phone, my plane tickets… I’m stuck here, with absolutely nothing except… I’ll have to make it last.

I hoist myself off of the ground, and let out a pained moan when my shoulder collided with the wall of the alley. My arm hang limply at my side. I can’t move it.

Perhaps it was the pure adrenaline in my body numbing the pain, or simply the bitter cold.

My knees are shaking so badly, I’m not sure I’ll be able to make it out of the alley without falling over.

I grip the bricks with my good hand and creep out of the alley. I notice a warm gush down my leg and looked down. There was a gash across my calf and it was bleeding rather badly.

It was then I also noticed that my lip was split, and I can’t see well from my right eye. My head is absolutely throbbing.

I creep through the alley, and finally make it out. I was sweating, and panting.

My stomach growled more intensely, my dry tongue passed over my lips and the intense taste of blood made my stomach churn. I let out a heave, and to my shock, spit up dark congealed blood.

There is a gasp from behind me, and I go to turn around, but I see stars in my vision and I feel as if I’m falling. Someone is screaming, and I hit the ground, though I can’t feel it.

I hope I don't drop anything. After all, I only have three quarters and a dime. That's all I have left, and it will have to do to hold me over until.. i can... get.... help.....

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