Patterns of a Sidewalk
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missbrooke111 Happy to be here💕🌹
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Hi Everyone - hope you are well 💕
This is a poem I just wrote called “Patterns of a Sidewalk”. Let me know what you think or how it makes you feel (if anything)! Either way, thank you so much for reading. This is my first time sharing my work so I’m just happy to be here reading & writing.🌹

Patterns of a Sidewalk

Olive green silk. Pearl white plush. Orchids.

Pink Orchids. White Orchids.

The inhale of gratitude. The exhale of acknowledgement.

I watch the vines on a money tree hold hands and lock fingers. They vow. -

The air is thick with this aroma.

I see a garden until the season changes.

Next time I'll remember to water new seeds before dead trees.

I was once told I'm not so quick to forgive. Perhaps I'm not as free as I thought I was.

I can FEEL how terribly I've feared disappointment, but I've never feared failure.

In any lifetime.

I let 'bad luck' break my heart 9 times before I realized I was making bad decisions.

I could tell you 30 times I made a bad decision and 'good luck' saved me.

You either choose to forgive, or you live in a place where forever seems like a very, very long time.

And believe me when I say,

I've seen the way they both end.

The truth is what you know.

Never what they tell you.

How beautiful it is to be a standing construct of time and its moments.

I found stillness in chaos because I saw them in eachother.

I pray you're never too tall to notice the patterns of a sidewalk.


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