Thoughts at Dawn (Wounds Upon Scars: 1)
Thoughts at Dawn

(Wounds Upon Scars: 1) fiction stories
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missbelle poems give beauty to the unbeautiful
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Thoughts at Dawn (Wounds Upon Scars: 1)

She sat in the grass, crisscross as she'd always done when she was younger. A warm breeze kissed her skin and the sun was beginning to rise far in the distance.

She lived alone now. It had only been her mom since her father had passed away long ago. She had very few memories of him. A scent here or there; sometimes a sound or a song that triggered his laughter in her mind.

Since then, she'd grown close to her mother. So close that she had hardly any friends and instead opted to go home when invited to parties. In fact, when asked she wouldn't hesitate to tell anyone her mom was her best friend.

Her thoughts were halted momentarily by a lazy, black ant that had crawled up her foot. Its thin legs tickled as it moved across her skin with no fear.

She admired that: not being scared of anyone or anything.

She remembered how hard it had been when dad died. It was so sudden and unexpected, no one knew how to respond and fear was shared as cake would be at a birthday.

While she didn't remember much of him, she did remember the feeling of loneliness and helplessness when he was taken from her life by a drunk woman who'd swerved into their property late one night.

He'd been in the wrong place at the wrong time, her mother had said.

As it does, time slowly took away the pain and they'd all begun to rebuild their lives. Soon it was almost like he'd never been there to start with.

Mother would still speak of him occasionally--usually after a bit too much wine--but he was nothing more than a chapter from the novel.

The golden glow of the sun glittered in her hair, warming her skin. She closed her eyes and raised her face to the light. Pain fades with time. She'd experienced that once before. She only needed to be patient.

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