"Raptors (Haikus)" By Miss Belle

               "Raptors (Haikus)"

                    By Miss Belle not poetry stories

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bird talk... it's ok guys, i promise

"Raptors (Haikus)" By Miss Belle

Inspired by the birds of prey I seek every time I go outside... (don't judge my haiku quality; some are better than others)

(Guess people don't know their raptors since I had to sort through random photos; I couldn't type in specific types lol. This took forever to make, but it was well worth it... for me, at least.)

With its closed nostrils It plunges through the water; An osprey indeed. (they really stink but all that fish oil on them helps keep them waterpoof)

Powerful alone, Yet seen in packs during hunts. The Harris's thrive. (often in packs of two, where one will flush out the prey and the other will attack)

Strength and confidence, The golden eagle has both. Enough to kill wolves. (this one might attack your dogs... or your kids... or you... don't upset a golden eagle please)

Likely to be heard The barred owl's song is unique Listen for it please! (you know that owl that says "who cooks for you, who cooks for you all?" yep, that's the one)

Not your favorite Turkey vultures aren't pretty But beauty in flight, though! (their puke smells nasty but they're kinda cute too... sorry)

May be a small bird But the kestrel is still fierce Insects, mice, beware! (orange and blue! how pretty is that?!?!)

The bald eagle is Thought to be strong and mighty Yet clucks like chickens! (they seriously do; that hawk screech you know in movies? yeah that's a red tail. mind blown? XD)

The largest falcon? The gyrfalcon claims title Ghostly predator (usually not this light in color though; more likely to be grey or brown)

This special red kite Is different in color Grey and red, oh my! (similar coloring to the northern harrier, which is one of my favorites!)

Oooh, the red-shouldered Will eat your small pets, oh yes! Rabbits, birds, and more! (like many raptors, they will eat other birds; crazy right?)

Common indeed is The red tailed hawk with belly stripes And often red tails (they do not, however, always have red tails; don't let people tell you they do; they don't. period.)

Northern harrier A beautiful name, it has! Look at that cute face! (yep, they look like owls; they've got those facial disks for hearing; love this bird!)

Seen a great grey owl? It is quite impressive, yes? Sounds impressive, too! (seriously look up a video... it's so deep...)

Peregrine, you know! Commonly mentioned as the Fastest bird alive! (yeah yeah, we all know of the peregrine, right? let's not get all excited)

Barn is not the same As the barred, don't get confused They're far too screechy! (yep yep, they kinda hiss/scream/screech)

Goshawks are funny Can you guess why? Cuz they look Like maran chickens! (i think it's funny; they have a similar pattern; coming from someone who has had chickens)

Live in Florida? This one you might have once seen... The caracara (believe it or not, they are falcons; i know, i know, they don't look anything like a peregrine; i'm following your train of thought, i promise)

There we go That is what goes on in my mind every day No wonder my boyfriend gets so tired of hearing me talk about birds...

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