"Rainy Memories" By Miss Belle

"Rainy Memories"

By Miss Belle poetry stories

missbelle poems give beauty to the unbeautiful
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just thinking of good times before the world decided to get sick

"Rainy Memories" By Miss Belle

A raindrop splashes my face It falls from the clouds gathering above And reminds me of a memory A thought of a long ago day full of love


He cuddles me in the movie theater I don't think I even registered what was on the screen His hands rove over my body Touching me as if I'm something he has never before seen

Every second of those two hours My mind is on him and those soft lips He whispers against my neck And teases me with his fingertips

There are not too many others But he's careful all the same He uses slow, precise movements His finger on my arm spells out my name

When it has finally come to an end We linger a bit in our seats Then he gently takes my hand and leads me to his car And there it all repeats

It was raining out that day The sun had begun to set He backed me up against his jeep And kissed my lips already wet


I often think of this day And the people that saw us as they drove down the lane They hollered out to us in excitement There's just something about kissing in the rain

Anyone else missing their boyfriend/girlfriend but can't see them bc of this virus...? I haven't seen him in 2 months as of today...

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