"Midnight" By Miss Belle


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missbelle poems give beauty to the unbeautiful
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You never really know someone until you've seen them in all times of the day, from the warm noon to the dark midnight and everything inbetween.

"Midnight" By Miss Belle

My days are often happy Family greets me with warm words Projects busy my fingers And my little sisters dance in their skirts

But as day differs from night In the color of the sky My mood changes drastically Those happy thoughts pass me by

Midnight is the hour The line I mustn't cross Memories flood my mind And all light is suddenly lost

I hear his voice and I see his face I remember of the days we had played I live in the fantasy of what ifs... What if he had stayed?

Momma always told me "You're better off with him gone" But at this time of night I can't help but wonder if she was wrong

But as the night makes way to day And the light comes back again My happiness returns I can only wonder, where had it been?

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