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I've been in band for 7 years and played at graduation two of those years. My friends won't be playing at my graduation...

Corona Seniors

I step into the car And close the door I hear my mom start the engine As I stare at the floor

We drive to my school one last time A few more minutes as a high school senior I'm excited to see a few recognizable faces I hide behind my happy demeanor

I feel like crying as I pass my teachers They smile when they see me But I can't think of anything Except all the moments that will never be


Graduation is here We should be on that stage today But we've got a few more weeks A drive-in ceremony... no it's not okay

I try to explain to everyone I can't lose this one last memory "It's just a ceremony" But it's so much more to me

I've lost my last quarter of school I've lost the chance to say goodbye I've lost graduation and band concerts They said to be excited for senior year, what a lie


Hear? Pomp and Circumstance echoes loudly through cheap speakers into our car windows. "We're doing the best we can. I'm sorry." Isn't it fun being a senior now?

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