The full story of what happened-
The full story of what happened- sad stories

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The full story of her death…

The full story of what happened-

Okay so like I said her and my grandpa went to Southwest grill for breakfast when she told him she wasn't feeling well.

They had to go to springs for something when she decided she wasn't gonna go.

She told him that he could just go because she wasn’t feeling well, but she was sweating very badly and she kept complaining that her chest hurt. He was about to get her a wet towel when she stood up and said "wait! Don't leave me! And he rushed to get her that towel, but her heart just gave up.

She fell to the floor shaking when her heart stopped beating and she stopped breathing.

Grandpa called an ambulance and my dad and since my dad works night shifts he was sleeping and wouldn't answer so he called my stepmom and told her to wake him up immediately and so they went

to the hospital and by then my aunt and uncle, other two uncles,

and other people were there in tears while the doctor said things weren't looking too good but they will try 15 min CPR but after that they're gonna have to stop.

And that's exactly what happened.

That's day I was at my moms but only me and my cousin were there and when my mom came home she said my dad needed to talk to me immediately so I called him (btw this was on a Saturday-

the day before I was going to go to her house and she would make me stew and cheesecake after I went on a motercycle ride with my grandpa)and he was very hesitant but he told me that "nana

was sick" and so I thought that meant I couldn't go over that week.

But that's when he said "they had to take her to the hospital and that- (long pause) nana had to go to heaven" and that's when i fell on the floor and historically drowned in my tears for

a good 5-10 minutes. And that's it. I went over her house and I've never seen my grandpa that sad before. Everyone was there and we all cried. That's the story. Bye guys...

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