The Freaks
The Freaks gore stories
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The Freaks

The Freaks

Original was made by another 🀑

"Freaks" A story by Jade Weasley

"Freaks! That's what they call us!" Said Donna.

Donna was a gay girl from Himsworth High School. She was the sweetheart psychopath kinda girl. She had only two friends, Margo, and Celeste.

Celeste was the popular bad girl at the school and Margo was the girl who never payed attention. They were called the freaks.

Margo would easily seduce boys at the school without even trying, Celeste made-out with a new boy every day, and Donna, like I said, she was a psychopath, and boys thought she was adorable,

but when they saw her other side they would be terrified. It was a normal day, and Margo was walking down the hall. A boy smacked her a$$ and laughed at it.

"You know what!? Let's test you out so you can satisfy yourself once and for all" "Ouuuuu! That sounds nice~" She called the girls and dragged him to a dark room.

Tied him to the bed, and took his and her clothes off. The girls then came into the room. The lights then turned red.

Margo rode him while in her underwear, then 15 minutes passed by of hickeys Then it was Celeste's turn.

She was extremely attractive so she made him watch her strip into lingerie and teased him the whole time. Finally, Donna's turn. She's the one who stripped naked and fucked him.

She grabbed a knife and slit his throat open. She licked all the blood that was spilling out until there was just flesh left. She gave him more hickeys on his neck by the slit.

"Jokes on you, I'm gay! So you're just not my type anyways." The girls laughed and laughed.

Anyone else who tried to make nasty jokes, and get fuck them without their consent, will be taken to that room, and the same things happen to them.

They hide the bodies in the closet, where they keep their lingerie. The boys are already tied to the bed, so when they see the bodies, it scares them.

"Well, looks like i'm not the one who was punished this time, huh daddy"

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