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" Angel DeLa Nuit

-IX- Hermit

A Lit Lantern With Six-Pointed Star

Lantern Of Lamp of Truth Guide The Unknown to Shore

The Feeling Will Be Free Cause It Has Aspect Thee From Healing and Recovery It Really Happens, Overly

It Can Regard the Hermit Free But They Don’t Know

The Version of Magician Is Rarely Wiser And Mature to Palely

Hermit Card Is The Best Aided Card To Seek a knowledge For Dealing Hard

Lost Soul Journey Aloe’s There’s A Light All Along Who Points the Key of Host Of Not Being Alone

Hermit, Unleash the Darkness To Youth That Lose the Roses

Rose Of Hope Rose Of Happiness and Rope To Their Dream and Goal By Seeking The Wrong Role

Road Flooded by Wrongs But There Always Light in The Hermit Boat That Guided with Stars Skies In the Ocean Heights

Dark, But IX HERMIT Card Will Unleash Your Scars By Lighting Out Your Eyes To See Beyond Your Hearts

Card Of Lighting Someone Card Of Leashing The No One

Is Like How the Creator Did to Us When He Pastor His Son From Death to Life But Giving Us Hope Even The Light is a hopeless tone

Maybe There’s a Lot of Cards In The Tarot Card But Hermit Card It a Rarely Art.


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