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stressed out

i was 7 years old

innocent and naive

told to be mature and brave

even when i want to leave

i was found at an orphanage

on the doorstep cold and alone

i was extremely sick

shaken to the bone

i played pretend

with the others

once i turned 13

i had foster brothers

they would shove me around

saying i didn't matter

but if my foster mom came

they all would scatter (scaredy cats)

i have PTSD

from the events i've been through

foster mom would sing me to sleep

and make me some stew

i'm now 27

wishing to turn back time

even if i have to

ever commit a crime

i'm stressed and worried

about my life and job

but if i don't suck it up

i might become a blob

nostalgia sucks

but it has good intentions too

it reminds us of

the times we've been through

i'm well off now

with a nice house

but i am still

as quiet as a mouse

some days i wish i could

just slack off

but alas i cannot

as my boss would scoff

pretending was nice

but i had to grow up fast

finally i am successful

having peace at last

this wasn't that good, but i tried my best

Credits Author: @miso_ordered Inspirationist: @rlh Song: Stressed Out by Twenty One Pilots

the song was really good, and the chorus was familiar in some way. i don't know what it is, but i love it. 10/10 would recommend.

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