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dear [redacted]


we haven’t spoke in a long time.

i miss you. but i don’t miss you.

remember when we first met?

you were by my side when i was alone.

we created a friend group. met new people. they were nice.

we got to middle school. we planned to graduate together and be business partners in the future.

ha. what a joke.

we grew apart. our friend group tumbled. well, for me. you guys still hung out.

what about me? am i invisible now?

i brought us together. and you left me.

at first i thought it was my fault. did i do something bad to harm you? did i not fit your standards? was i too ugly?

no. it was because i pretended to be innocent huh. you were fed up with me not knowing things.

oh i knew. i knew everything.

we’re now in 8th grade, waiting to graduate.

i messaged you over the summer, you know?

you responded two months later.

not to catch up too. to ask me what went on in class.

that’s when i realized.

you liked me because of me in the beginning. but then you stuck with me because i was too naive, and was willing to help.

i still am. i can’t help it.

i send messages in our group chat once in a while. no one ever responds. only diana does.

i’m disgusting. why would i still cling on to someone who doesn’t even want me for... me?

i ask myself every night. what could i have done to prevent this? if i have never pretended, would we still be best friends? were we even best friends in the first place?

looking back at our memories, i don’t think i would have regretted meeting you. all of you. i still love you guys for being there for me.

if you want to leave me behind, that’s fine. i would thank you for all the memories.

and that’s enough for me.

to [redacted], who was my best friend throughout fifth to seventh grade.

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