Abnormal Activities Collaboration with @tofu_ Part 12
Abnormal Activities

Collaboration with @tofu_

Part 12 horror stories

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Abnormal Activities Collaboration with @tofu_ Part 12

Chapter 12

Drew’s POV When Lilith, Luna, Blair, and Nico came back from the convenience store that we didn’t know they went to, they inform us on an attack happening in an hour. Apparently, the killers wanted to get rid of Nico, because they were going to attack the place he was staying at. I am training with Kai, Micheal, Kat, and

Naomi. I believe that Blair and Nico could fight too, but Blair is discouraged and Nico... well, the poor guy needs rest. I parry Kai’s attack and stumble backwards. Kai wipes his sweat away and we sit down to rest for a bit. Right now, our position seems alright, rather than being dead. I found a crowbar that I’m using, and Naomi and Kai found kitchen knives. They practice with branches though.

Kat found an club, and Micheal has a fan. One of those big ones. That dude’s buff. He may not look like it, but he is. We continue sparring to toughen ourselves up. I collapse in tiredness, and the others drop beside me, breathing heavily. Except for Micheal. Like I said, he’s well built.

Luna’s POV I watch the fighting part of our team spar, and I think that I could do that too. But I can’t do that without training. I get up and go toward them. I pick up my hammer and ask, “Can I join?” Kat looks surprised and almost got brained by a branch. Drew says, “Sure! You can spar with Naomi, she trained Micheal into shape

after all!” I look over at Micheal, and he’s mercilessly attacking Kat, but she’s blocking every blow. They both relax and get a drink of water from a plastic bottle. (Sorry turtles! We have no other source of hydration!)

Blair’s POV I look over at the sparring section and I see Luna training! I don’t want to be left behind, so I get up and grab my butcher knife. Micheal sees me and says, “Grab a branch instead. You don’t want to actually hurt someone.” I nod and go outside to grab a branch. Micheal waves me over and informs me that he’ll

be my sparring partner because he sees potential. I knock him down after a few seconds. He beams and says, “I knew you had potential!” I smile back and hoist him up. After a few rounds, I figured out that I was a natural at fighting apparently. It was getting dark, and we wrapped our training session up. We ate some cold instant noodles made from water and noodles.

It was pretty good, despite it being our only food source. I fell asleep and slept soundly for the first time in a while.

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