Abnormal Activities Epilogue Collaboration with @tofu_ Part 1
Abnormal Activities Epilogue 

Collaboration with @tofu_

Part 1 abnormal activities stories

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Abnormal Activities Epilogue Collaboration with @tofu_ Part 1

<Warning! There will be one bloody scene!>

Kai’s POV We were going to surround the house that they were camping in, but then the police ambushed us. Right now, I’m in jail. I see a rusty nail and decide to commit not alive. Being with Naomi is better than being here. I stab myself and blood gushes out of the wound. The last thing I heard was, “Code Red! Patient 1189!” I smile,

thinking, ‘We can be together again Naomi.’ And the world goes black.

Lilith’s POV I sit in the mental ward, playing Animal Crossing. I guess they thought I went crazy, since they found me in chains playing Piggy. I did cuff me though. But they also give me Wifi, so I’m not complaining. I do wish to see my friends again. I don’t know if they still consider me as their friend. I hope they do. I miss them.

But, it’s been a month. I don’t think friends would wait that long to visit. Just when I think that, Nico, Luna, Blair, Micheal, Rory and Drew walk in. They stop at my cell and stare at me.I stare back, then say, “Hi?” and go back to playing Animal Crossing. They look at each other uneasily and Blair speaks. “Hey.” I look up and ask, “What are you doing here?” They look back at each

other. Then Drew says, “We missed you, and wanted to check up on you.” I nod and say, “You did. Now what are you doing here? Do you want to mock me?” “No! why would we?” Luna cries. “I don’t know, because you’re free, and I’m not?” I snap. I turn. “Guards, these visitors are bothering me. “Very well, we’ll escort them

out,” my guard says. When all of them leaves, I bring my knees to my chest, and cry.

Ahh “Abnormal Activities” is finally done! We have some more epilogues for you though! It’s still alternating, so go to @tofu_ to see the next epilogue!

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