The Mistake
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mishtee14Sour 17 who likes to express words
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Give the chance to some one who's waiting for it. With every click you would know how it feels when you realise your mistake that has taken away a part of you

The Mistake

Tears sprinkled in the eyes

I deserve my cries

After what I have done

I need to pay the prize

He understood me is an understatement

After all he accepted me for whom I was

But I guess I wasn't ready for commitment

Or so I thought, I needed a pause

I said yes

And then I left

Without a word

I feel like I theft.

I know I am guilty

I played with emotions

I was messed up

And I am, so what about commotions

Chocolates, smiles, care, attention

He gave me all that he could think

And what I did, I snapped everything

Without a blink

But I do cared, I do cherished,

My yes wasn't just a word

I meant it

Even if i CAN'T prove it

3 years went away

And I still wait for 1 chance

He isn't just a breeze that sway

But the atmosphere covering me all around

I'll wait till the time let me to

A cry for a chance

That would lead me to you

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