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Success story of a lonely boy whose voice was his enemy.


There was a boy who was very lonely and had no friends,he was the most introverted boy in his school.

The boy had no friends and he didn't talked to anyone,he hated going to school and the school hated him.

His marks were not good and so were his parents,

once the boy was very intelligent he secured highest grades and was loved by his parents but time destroys everything and soon his glow disapppered and now his parents thought him as

an idiot and a dumb one.

The lonely boy cried in silence,his only friend was himself but his body teased him a lot,

it was not that the boy cannot speak or he was an absolute dumb but the main cause was something else.His own voice hated him and teased him a lot.

Manytimes because of his voice he was humiliated in front of everyone and he was the centre of laughter.

Yes,the boy used to stammer ,the boy was a stammerer ,the lonely boy cannot even speak properly.

When the boy was asked to speak his heart began to run fast,his body shivered,his confidence was down and his mouth was freezed like something was stucked in his mouth ,

his words were lost and when he uttered a word everyone bursted into laughter .

The boy was an intelligent pal but his confidence didn't existed and soon the star was lost in the crowd of laughter and himiliation.

Sometimes he asked to God ,"oh!God why,why have you cursed me with this voice ,you gave everyone a sweet,a clear voice but I was the only one in thousands whose throat was cursed ,why!why??"

But the fact remains that when one door is closed another is opened.The boy cannot speak properly but he knew to write properly.

Yes!,his mind was full of ideas ,his ideas,his imaginations didn't found a way through his throat but through his pen.

Yes!,the boy was a stammerer ,he was a lonely one ,he was the hated one but he was not the dumb one.

The boy published his first book and he became an overnight star,his fanfollowing increased ,

his bank balance was full and everyone wanted to contact him everyone wanted to be his friend and of course his parents were proud of him.

Now no more he was the boy who "STAMMERED "but there was a birth of a new boy who was full of confidence,whose eyes glowed with success and he was the boy who"SUCCEDED".He says that

"Oh!God thankyou for separating me from the sheepwalk,separating me from the crowd and thankyou for making me a stammerer because if I didn't stammered then I would not become what I am now."

The name of his book was-"THE BOY WHO STAMMERED."

Yes guys I stammer and I want to become a writer and publish my books please support me and make me the boy who"SUCCEDED",thankyou for reading this.😚😆🤗🙏🙏

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