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Why the kindhearted, quick-witted, overly sarcastic Professor Lupin hated Sirius Black was a mystery for the students at Hogwarts. It seemed irrational, childish, and slightly idiotic. Little did they know, their question would be answered by an argument that could rival any soap opera-

In the middle of class.

I'm Sorry

‟Hello class.”

“Hello Professor,” came the chorus of voices from the tired looking English majors.

They all loved their Professor, they were simply exhausted from the abundance of homework that collage granted them.

The Professor smiled and set down a stack of books on his desk, then quickly moved to clear away some papers.

He started class the way he always did, asking his students how they were, and then writing some of their answers on the board.

A few said fine, some said good, two said terrible, and most said tired. He studied the board for a moment and then looked at them, raising an eyebrow.

“Haven’t you millennials ever heard of coffee?”

They laughed, and one even threw her empty cup at him. Lupin ducked, still grinning.

“Alright enough of that. Now, who can tell me-“

He was interrupted by the classroom door banging open and a flustered girl running in.


He chuckled, ‟Calm down Miss Tonks. Take a seat.‟

She blushed and hurried to an open spot, dropping some papers along the way. She hurried back to the front to retrieve them, with Lupin watching her, an amused expression on his face.

He waited until she had sat down to begin class again.

‟So, who can tell-‟

The door burst open again, and Remus spun around, an annoyed expression on his face.

‟Again? Please just si-‟

He froze. Everyone leaned over to see why, and understood immediately. Sirius Black had entered the room.

Lupin glared. ‟Black.‟


‟Now is not a good time.‟

‟I disagree.‟

‟We can do this after I'm done with this class.‟

‟No Remus, we can do this now.‟

‟Mr. Black, do I have to call security?‟

‟Mr. Black? What happened to Sirus?‟

‟Please leave.‟


Lupin's eyes blazed. ‟Don't Moony me you arsehole.‟

Sirius looked desperate, ‟If you would just listen-‟




The students were stunned. They had never even heard their professor raise his voice, much less scream.

But here he was, red-faced, crying, a finger pointed at the door as he glared at Sirius with hate-filled eyes.



Lupin didn't move.

‟I don't get it, I said I was sorry, why haven't yo-‟ He stopped, stunned, raising a hand to the welt on his cheek. Remus Lupin had just slapped him across the face.

There were gasps from the students.

Remus slowly packed up his things, not once glancing at Sirius.

As he turned to leave, he felt a hand grab his wrist, pulling him back. He turned around glaring, but Sirius grabbed his waist, and kissed him.

Before he could fully register what was happening, his hand was on the nape of sirius's neck, pulling him closer to deepen the kiss.

Then his eyes shot open as he realized what he was doing. He shoved Sirius off him.

His students gaped at them, surprised.

‟No,‟ said Remus quietly. ‟Not again.‟

‟I lo-‟


Everyone gasped, and a few had begun to glare at Sirius.

Remus pulled something out of his pocket and threw it at Sirius, who caught it. ‟Guess I won't be needing this anymore,‟ He growled while storming out of the class.

Sirius looked down at the small black box Remus had thrown him. He opened it curiously, and upon seeing the contents, broke down on to the floor.

The box skidded across the floor and came to rest at Tonks' feet. She picked it up and peered inside.

It was a ring.

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