Naranja dulce, limón partido
Naranja dulce, limón partido stories

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Naranja dulce, limón partido

by miriampm

Sometimes, I get this urge to just, squeeze you.

You know, just grab you and, squeeze you.

And also get on top of you and weigh you down with 53kg of pure squeezing desire

Like this. Yeah, pretty much like this.

And it is weird, I know.

But, the squeezing urge does not come all by itself

I also get this sudden rush of desire, of just wanting you. You know, I just, get this intense feeling.

Because you teach me how to do inside-out joints.

And because, well, you.

So, I go like this, inside.

And like this:

And like this:

Porque sos un lindi vos, Nick.

And now, whenever there is a soocer match and Germany is playing, suddenly I am this kid:

The thing is, when I get these sudden rushes, they happen at any time of the day, any place.

And I start missing you more

I am actually having one of these rushes right now. So I decided to try and write it down

It can be a little difficult to express this need of sqeezing all the air out of your lungs while hugging you and kissing you at the same time

And I hope I am being clear enough so that you dont think I am crazy :(

I mean, it is hard to put it into words

So next time I see you, I am just gonna squeeze you. I am gonna squeeze you hard.

So now you have been warned...

(By the way, I mean, June is so close. Like, so close. Wtf)

So, yeah, I am gonna be this cat next time I see you

And Im gonna be this other kid, too.

Ich vermisse dich, Nick.

So, this whole thing was to tell you that I miss you all the time, but sometimes, I miss you even more.

I just wanted to tell you that :)

Kisses that travel through time and space, just to get to your lips.

Oh, and just so you know, I also wanna squeeze you with my ass :)


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