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mirasoldemytria I'll die once so I need to live longer
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Piper Mclean and Jason Grace Tribute

It's Time

I once hold your hands

Listening to your stories

Laughing with your silly jokes, even though you look so serious while telling us,

Complementing your achievements

But because of the certain quest we faced;

You died from a brick; the memories we have continues to break

Now, I'm losing the moment,

only your faced, asleep, and buried.

Jason, you are my precious reward,

but you are also the cost of my unconscious pride.

Probably it's time for me to say thank you and not goodbye;

thank you for the moment we made, thank you for the laugh we spent, thank you for being there when we have a quest,

please, wait for me there.

It's time for me to accept, It may be difficult, but for you, I will live to your best.

Piper Mclean.

This is a tribute to Jason Grace, the son of Jupiter who lost his life in the book of the trials of Apollo.


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