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mirasoldemytria I'll die once so I need to live longer
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A man behind a mask Is there no one to asked ?


A man behind a mask Is there no one to asked ?

That man is the one who cursed by the Son of God

Live for a million decade Even before a living creature created

Death was not on his vocabulary Cause it never came and was never scheduled his death day

He was cursed

And he was abandoned

He was shattered

And always suffered

Madness is making him more tired No food and water makes him dry

The supreme judge is judging

And making sure his enduring

Eyeing every movement

Every location of improvement

Different countries And different places

But same appearance And same faces'

Black covering the whole body

Eyes with slightly a bit of bloody Widely open and finding a suitable prey

But this doesn't define what he wanted to say .

He's tired and want to sleep Fell into a slumber so deep

But no one ever want to No one ever wanted meddling into

Because you are Cartaphilus ,

Masking himself in a human body But hiding its own identity

Into a shadow of darkness of someone who's in a bridge of sadness

And when he met a boy baring a name of Joseph

Whom a land plowing normal student Bullied and buried by everyone in a dirty old cemetery That Joseph usual job every thursday

He is innocent but it became twist

Counted as making a lies behind a smile of truth wish

Trying to heal one another And became together

Trying to reach for an experimental medicine

To lessen his undying sin

Resulting to desperation That one could do the fusion

Which a body can be controlled into two soul Emphasizing the one who hide in its deepest sole.

Cartaphilus the cursed living being who won't die

Make Joseph his ally Control his body and mind

And never afraid again of time .

He is always here Waiting for another year

He is no longer into the light but he is into the dim of night.

My inspirational poem of the anime, The Ancient Magus Bride. Cartaphilus is a cursed being, given immortality that even if his body parts are ripped from his body, he can't have the death he was wishing to have. He suffers a lot and take over someone's body just to live without pain. -Jidemi

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