My GrAnDaD!

            My GrAnDaD!
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mirablack Live life and have fun!
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A short poem for my grandad who passed away 8 years ago. I miss him everyday, and I wanted to do something for him. I would have added pictures but since I'm at school I don't have the best wifi.

My GrAnDaD!

My GrAnDaD! Bye Mira Black.

My grandad was amazing, He'd laugh at all my jokes, And pick me up from nursery, With a glass of milk in hand.

I used to sit on his lap, Tell him about my day, The good things, And the bad ones, That I wished would go away.

When I think of my grandad, I know he wasn't perfect, He wasn't the best and there's no denying that....

But he was my grandad, I still love him, That ones for sure.

I'm blessed to have met him, No matter what. I LOVE MY GRANDAD!

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