Mind Games And Cheap Tricks
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mirabinx They/them. I’m just a smol song-writer.
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It doesn’t matter what path you choose. Some people are meant to walk out of your life. Don’t think it’s your fault. I don’t believe in fate, but I do believe some things just aren’t meant to be, while others are. Hang on to those you have, no matter how much you fear them leaving you.

Mind Games And Cheap Tricks

Go ahead and replace me like you never even had me from the start

I know you were just lonely Looking for someone to fill the gap in your empty heart

But you had me at your feet I didn’t even give a second glance And I was at your side

I thought I’d found my place But now I know you were just waiting for someone else to fill your hopeless heart

If I could turn back time I would

If you’d admit that I was right Even though I’m really just jumping to conclusions

A selfish thought to think But I just feel so down and lonely

I only want someone to hold me dearly Let me see an answer clearly

Everything fades to red and green I just want you to see me for the kind of fool I am

So go ahead and replace like you never even had me from the start

We were just two lonely souls who found each other wondering in the dark

I’m so afraid that you think I’m not good enough anymore And cast me aside with the old news

I’ve always thought I’d be better off on my own Now it’s just the softest touch of kindness I have ever lived to know

It’s sad how I rely so much on just one simple soul

You had me at your feet Now I’m wondering if you just want me to leave

The thoughts are killing me Filling with anxiety

But I know that you still want me

You still need me by your side

It’s just so hard to think That somebody like me Could find my place with you

And never want to leave

I guess I’m just as hopeless as my mind wants to think you are

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