You Came
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mipoet Insomniac
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You came to punish me, for a sin you’d forgiven.

You Came

You came to punish me,

for a sin you’d forgiven.

You came to derail my recovery,

but I am still on track.

You tried to knock me down.

I am still on my feet.

You tried to make me self harm.

Your one small victory.

But I stopped.

You want me to die.

I will live.

You tried to destroy my marriage.

It is still strong.

You tried to make me suffer.

I will not.

I have suffered.

That is why I sought forgiveness.

It was given.

You cannot then take it away.

You cannot then try to destroy me,

and expect me to roll over.

I will fight. My wife will fight.

Our family is strong.

Stronger than you know.

Our children are safe.

No one could protect them more.

Your problems are not my making.

Not all of them. Not even most.

You have had privilege.

You have had opportunity.

I have struggled.

That alone should make us even.

But you attack me unprovoked.

Try to take what I’ve gained.

What sympathy I had is gone.

What you have done is worse.

You could have called.

We could have talked.

But you accused.

You distorted.

You exaggerated.


I can weather this storm.

Can you?

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