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My name is Joshua Harestad. I am mentally ill.
By joshuaharestad


by joshuaharestad

My name is Joshua Harestad.

I am mentally ill.

I suffer from anxiety and depression.

I have frequent suicidal ideation.

I cut myself when I feel stressed.

My scars are permanent.

I’ve gotten infections.

Doctors won’t take me seriously.

Employers won’t hire me.

I still crave to cut.


I’ve been through therapy.

Multiple programs.

Still, the cravings.

I take medications.

So many medications.

Yet still, I crave.

Am I psychotic?

Am I insane?

Is this who I am?

Is it who I’ll always be?

I wish I hadn’t discovered,

the ecstasy within pain.

That physical release of blood,

steadies shaky hands.

But I am more than my illness.

I am a father of two boys.

A husband. An employee.

I am smart, and have a degree.

I pay my bills, feed myself.

I can write, and people listen.

Reliance on others is not my way.

But right now, I need you.

I need you to talk to me.

Tell me about you.

About your life.

Your fears, your concerns.

Let me retell your stories.

Mine is of no more interest to me.

I’ve given up much for the voice I have.

Now let me use it for you.

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