The Very End
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mipoet Insomniac
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You tried to knock me down. I faltered slightly.

The Very End

You tried to knock me down.

I faltered slightly.

But I stayed up.

Now you don’t know what to do.

It didn’t work out for you.

It blew up in your face,

made you look like a disgrace,

and now you can’t catch my pace.

I’m still going strong.

You can try to come along,

but you won’t keep up.

Stupid young pup.

To think I felt sorry for you.

What you just tried to do.

An inexcusable attack.

But I fought back.

Because you see,

I have to look out for me.

No one else will.

So you need to chill.

Find someone else for your thrill.

Twice I’ve apologized, it’s done.

You’ll not get another one.

Time to move on.

Before time is gone.

Will you waste it all on hate?

Are you just a primate?

Will you live your life,

focused on my knife?

Or will you let it be?

Enjoy your money,

and see what you can see.

That’s up to you.

Because I’m through,

but that news isn’t new,

it is however true, true, true.

I still love you.

Despite what you tried to do.

I would have been your ally.

Instead this is goodbye.

Farewell my not friend.

This is the very end.

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