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I can’t write about bad cravings. About wanting to carve myself up.

The Next Time

I can’t write about bad cravings.

About wanting to carve myself up.

Blood and pain, hurt and such.

I’m sure I’ll face triggering events,

but for now, it has mostly left me,

aside from passing thoughts.

Lots of therapy.

Which I still attend.

And lots of medications.

Which I still take.

I can’t say I’ll never be there again.

But for now it’s far from here.

So many people to thank,

for helping me find my way.

But I still want to reach others.

Those who still hurt and are suffering.

I’ve been there. Not that long ago.

It is scary and hard to change.

But you must if you’re to survive.

It’s okay to love yourself.

And don’t be ashamed,

of anxiety or depression,

bipolar or any others.

Don’t be ashamed,

of feeling the way that you do,

or needing help.

Because I know this sickness is true.

If you cut or hurt yourself,

know that I love you.

Even if you don’t.

You are my brothers and sisters.

Promise to try and stop.

To try and seek help.

Do it for me if not for you.

Do it for now if not forever.

We can change the way we think.

It’s just really really difficult,

and many of us,

maybe even most,

could use a guide.

So tell the people you love,

the people you trust,

that you need help.

Find a good mental health center,

and call them.

Just do that.

One time.

The next time,

that you want to cut.

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