The Journey
The Journey mankind stories

mipoet Insomniac
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A journey to growth.

The Journey

The boy started the journey in the desert. A seemingly endless hike across dune after dune. The ground hot to the touch.

Little by little vegetation sprouts up. And animals. Horses wander these parched lands.

Then comes the forest. Tall pine trees. Shade beneath them. Cooler here but still hot.

To the base of the mountain. Ominous yet calming. Snow capped peaks and steep cliffs. The air has become cool.

The hike upwards is slow and treacherous. Solitude. With not but scenery for company. It is however magnificent scenery.

At long last reaching the top. The journey has taken many days, but here there is isolation in company with satisfaction at a goal accomplished.

Peace and calm. The journey is finished. The mountain conquered. Reborn, the man descends, to return to his village, older, wiser, and more complete.

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