The Homeless Girl
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The homeless girl. She looked so sad.

The Homeless Girl

The homeless girl.

She looked so sad.

I pulled the car around,

and parked nearby,

then walked to her,

and we spoke,

for a long while.

Her name was Rose,

she loved her dog,

was looking for work,

and needed a shower.

Her words, not mine.

I gave her ten dollars.

All I had at the time.

She told me that,

she was happier,

from my company.

She told me how some,

pulled around to insult,

to yell over, and over.

I felt compassion for her.

She is a human being.

Then I went on my way.

I wonder where she is?

I hope she found,

what she needed.

I will not forget you.

I love you Rose.

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