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The man walked up the mountain, called by the voices above.
By mipoet

The Emissary

by mipoet

The man walked up the mountain,

called by the voices above.

Beautiful, amazing voices.

Women and men, pleasant,

but booming in the air.

The were laughing,

jesting with one another.

The man sought to see.

What were these creatures?

Were they the Gods of legend?

Were they demons,

meant to lure him to his death?

He didn't care,

such was the power of the voices.

Soon he ran.

Faster and faster,

as fast as he could.

Till at long last he reached the top.

Tired and sweaty.

There, as fog parted he caught a glimpse,

a woman, the most beautiful he'd ever seen.

Soon a man approached.

Then there were more.

They were naked,

but seemed content in their nudity.

They looked towards him,

first the girl,

then the others.

They smiled radiant smiles,

they laughed heartily,

and the sky boomed like thunder.


It was a man, hairy like a beast, blonde.

His voice was deep but silken.

"I suppose we were being rather loud."

He said with an almost mocking shame.

The first girl looked at him and rolled her eyes.

She was blonde, with straight hair past her shoulders.

"Forgive us human."

Her voice was like a song he never wanted to end.

He stammered, unable to speak.

A few of them laughed,

but it was good natured.

"Come, join us then."

The first man spoke again.

"We're having a feast,

celebrating our return."

"Your return?"

He finally managed words.

"To earth of course."

This time it was a girl who spoke,

she had the most beautiful dark skin,

with curly black hair that stopped just above her shoulders.

Her brown eyes gazed into his and he felt dizzy.

"Come meet the gods who once ruled this earth."

That was the first time the man climbed the mountain,

but he returned every year,

to participate in the great feast.

And he brought others with him.

Words spread, more and more came,

to see the gods, to speak with them.

They were kind Gods.

They were generous.

They had come to help mankind.

The man became their emissary.

He served them till his dying day,

when they assured him a place in heaven,

as they did for all mankind.

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