The Demonic Halls
The Demonic Halls scary stories

mipoet Insomniac
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WARNING: This is extremely dark and twisted. NOT for the faint of heart, please don't be offended if you prefer my nature poems, more of those to come soon I promise. Thanks for reading!

The Demonic Halls

In the demonic halls are walls of flesh,

giant eyes, weeping, showing pain, terror.

The constant sounds of screaming, and madness.

Mouths that whimper and cry out unending.

Demon’s walk the halls, they’re spider like beasts,

with rows upon rows of sharp pointed teeth.

Bug like things, they watch, and see, everything.

Taking glee in the face parts, sewn in walls,

and then cackling with the sounds of terror.

This is their world, and they are merciless.

The agony of eternal torment,

there will not be hope for any victims.

How they get to that state, I do not know,

but pray you never see that hellish world,

for it can ensnare you in many ways,

and even should you manage to escape,

it will leave its dark mark upon your soul.

It will haunt your vision, for all of time.

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