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mipoet Insomniac
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Expert advice on what not to text! :)

Warning, some mildly crude humor.

Texting Do Not's

It has come to my attention, that some people need to be informed about inappropriate use of text messaging. The following are a list of do not's.

Do NOT text that the family dog died.

Do NOT text that grandma died.

In fact, to save time, we're just going to say do NOT text when anyone/thing loved dies. At least call.

The same goes for major bad news, like divorce, do NOT text "hey kiddo, we're getting a divorce, love you."


I'm serious about this one. Eyes on the road, you are moving incredibly fast and so are the cars coming your direction. Driving is crazy dangerous as is.

Do NOT text that you are breaking up with someone.

Do NOT text stalk someone who broke up with you.

Do NOT text harass ANYONE!

a.) It's harassment.

b.) You're leaving evidence dingbat!

Do NOT text people who don't text. (They can't read the screens on their phones.)

Do NOT text that you think you may have given someone an STD. You definitely owe them a call or in person.

Do NOT text about craigslist ad's and then completely flake out.

"Is the blah blah blah available?"

"Why yes it is."


What's that all about?

Lastly, I shouldn't even have to say this. Do NOT text DICK PIC'S!!!

I shouldn't have to explain why. Just DON'T!

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