Stress Overwhelming
Stress Overwhelming curse stories

mipoet Insomniac
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Am I losing my job? Stress overwhelming.

Stress Overwhelming

Am I losing my job?

Stress overwhelming.

I cut the feelings out.

Then my wife asks.

“Why are you wearing socks?”

She knows I cut my feet.

“I always wear socks.”

As she leaves for work,

it was just a quick reply,

but it was also a lie.

For my ankles bear scars.

From an attack on myself,

That was just the day before.

I told her this evening.

And she is very upset.

I don’t blame her one bit.

But she didn’t throw a fit.

Just quiet and thinking.

I wonder if that’s worse.

I overthink things,

that’s part of my curse.

Is she thinking about leaving?

I wouldn’t blame her at all.

For I am a loser.

Who can’t function at work.

Too sensitive for my own good.

With a temper too.

Oh dear wife,

what good am I to you?

But the thought of that,

it hurts so very much,

I couldn’t live without her touch.

So what’s a man to do,

when he feels a loser,

through and through.

Don’t know what I’ll do,

if I lose my job too.

Wander somewhere and die,

let the world pass me by.

The thoughts all make me cry.

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