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mipoet Insomniac
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The world is a big place.


Somewhere, a child is being born, the baby takes its first breath, the father holds his son.

Somewhere, a person is dying, it’s painful and slow, they are filled with sorrow.

Somewhere, someone is swimming, playing in the water, on a warm sunny day.

Somewhere, people are fighting, and plotting against each other, some plots will succeed.

Somewhere, a mother sits alone, missing a child, who hasn’t called.

Somewhere, people are laughing, telling funny jokes, and smiling wide.

Somewhere, a marriage is ending, one partner doesn’t want it to, they are devastated.

Somewhere, good food is being served, it tastes delicious. Just the right amount of spice.

Somewhere, a person is crying, they feel alone, they want someone to care.

Somewhere, a pet has found a home, in a happy family, for the long haul.

Somewhere, a person is being hurt, they are helpless. It is tragic.

Somewhere, the sun is setting, and it is beautiful. Elsewhere it rises.

Somewhere, a man is proposing, the woman saying yes, they will be happy.

Somewhere, a child takes their first steps. Mom and dad watch, and take pictures.

Somewhere, I know all these things are true, in the wide world, of so many people.

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