Round Meadow
Round Meadow art stories

mipoet Insomniac
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A brief stop in a special place.

Round Meadow

The trees are tall.

So very tall.

Brown and green.

Rough bark.

The crunch,

of underbrush,

as I walk,

through the forest.

It is shaded.

Ahead I see light.

It beckons to me.

So I walk towards it.

Here is a meadow.

Small and round.

Surrounded by trees.

Filled with grasses,

and flowers,

and butterflies.

I walk to the center,

and I lay down.

Staring skyward.

My gaze softens.

My eyes close.

I feel the breeze.

Gentle and steady.

Pleasantly warm.

I smell the flowers.

So many aromas.

Beautiful smells.

They make me feel,

calm and at peace.

I hear birds singing,

many different songs.

Together they’re one.

A personal symphony.

I lay a while, listening,

then rise to my feet,

and I open my eyes.

The sun on my cheek.

I walk forward again.

To the circle’s edge.

And I turn around.

One last great view,

of sun lit flowers,

butterflies and bees,

light and shadows.

Then I turn again,

back into the forest,

resuming my journey.

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