Reaching out
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mipoet Insomniac
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I want to cut. Just because I'm bored.

Reaching out

I want to cut.

Just because I'm bored.

But my will is stronger.

I will not.

I'll not take the knife.

I'll not hold it to my leg.

I won't saw slowly,

breaking through skin,

just because I'm bored.

But I need to see this truth.

That boredom alone,

could drive me to such a thing.

Is it insane?

This worthless brain.

Some say I'm too smart.

Then why am I so dumb?

Perhaps an idiot savant.

At best.

Too trusting.

Too loving.

If I can be such a thing.

The view in the mirror,

comes with a sting.

But I won't cut.

Not tonight.

I have hope,

that my future is bright.

Maybe it won't be.

But I hope it will.

Right now though,

I need a thrill.

If I'm not to cut,

then what should I do?

I guess I'll write this,

and reach out to you.

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