Panic Attack
Panic Attack sad stories

mipoet Insomniac
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Heart racing. Pulse pounding.

Panic Attack

Heart racing.

Pulse pounding.

My breath picks up its pace.

Fear, anxiety, and terror,

below the surface,

of a still lake.

If I get too close they lunge at me,

but I cannot get away.

The lake moves.

It shifts and takes new forms.

Always beautiful,

but always dangerous too.

I fight but I tire and I slow.

The lake draws close,

its waters are black.

I try to run again but stumble,

and as its cold touches me,

panic takes over.

I am yanked underneath.

I cannot breath.

I am jerked back and forth.

Vicious tentacles of torment,

angered at me.

Helpless. I panic more.

But it does no good.

I am lost.

The battle is lost.

But then,

after it has terrified me,

its waters will recede.

And I will come back.

Always I am on these shores,

avoiding these waters.

I fear I will never break free.

That my life will be spent on guard,

watching for the lake to rise,

and fearing the horror beneath it.

But the times that I am free,

as far as I can be from its shores.

Those are the times I live for.

Yet even then, I fear its reach.

I wish I had an answer,

for the still lake,

that is my soul.

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