Oceanus (Part 21)
Oceanus (Part 21) scifi stories

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The conclusion.

Oceanus (Part 21)

Sky Eye 2 started launching quadrocopters and jet fighters as fast as it could, all that it could. They dove in altitude to attack the dreadnought.

The massive Arzat ship had all guns blazing to fight off the attack.

Ven was piloting the Atlas and all she had were her fore and aft canons but she wasn’t about to go down without a fight.

As she approached the dreadnought she swung the ship to starboard so that both canons could be fired at the it.

“Take out their surface to air missile launchers so the fighters can do their job!” She shouted the command.

Launchers on the dreadnought started exploding one by one. But then a torpedo was launched. “Take out that torpedo!” Ven radioed to the gunners.

Seconds later there was an explosion in the water between the two ships.

Then, as more and more of the missile launchers were taken out more and more quadrocopters and jet fighters started making attack runs and soon it was all over for the dreadnought.

The Atlas had taken plenty of hits, but it was all manageable, and Ven set out to leave Arzat territory.

Another eight hours went by before they were back in to human controlled seas, but there had been no hostile ships that could reach them.

Once the danger was clear, Ven went to the decks below to meet with the people from the mine.

She walked from person to person, learning names, where they were from. Everything she could. Finally she gathered all of them together. “People, my name is Ven. Your world has forever changed.

No more are you Arzat slaves. Henceforth you are free members of the human alliance. And most importantly for those of you with families.” She paused for a moment.

“I am a covert extraction operative. A CEO. It is my job to rescue people from the Arzat, and I will not rest until every last human is free!” There was resounding applause.

Of all the loud noises Ven had heard over the last few days this was her favorite.


Once Tirus woke up in the sick bay Ven asked him about his strange comment, and he broke down in tears.

“It was me. I blew up the barracks that night. With Felix. If we hadn’t done that your parents might still be alive.”

Ven started to recoil. All these years. This man that was her father. Whom she had loved like one. She couldn’t tell if she hated or loved him and tears burst forth.

When she finally stopped crying they sat in silence for a while. It was Ven who spoke up.

“You didn’t kill my parents.” Her voice quivered, but then steadied with her determination. “The Arzat did.” She looked at him, laying there bruised and beaten.

She still loved him like a father. “But you should have told me.” She gave him her best dirty look.

“I know.” Was all he said. Then silence. Then he spoke again, “How can I make it up to you?”

Ven thought about that for a good long minute. “You can lend me the Atlas.”

“The Atlas, what do you need it for?”

“I owe a favor, to a man named Stevr, in a village called Kenth.”

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