Oceanus (Part 11)
Oceanus (Part 11) ocean stories
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Preparing for the mission.

Oceanus (Part 11)

Ven had never been on one of the Sky Eye’s before. It was an impressive feat of engineering.

Nearly a thousand feet long and three hundred feet wide, it was a flying command center complete with a fleet of planes and drones to protect it from air strikes.

Giant wings stretched out nearly three hundred feet off each side and were filled with helium, had three massive turbine engines each, and tops covered in solar panels.

The solar panels powered the engines and that combined with the helium alone could keep it afloat while the fusion reactor built in powered its weapons systems.

It flew above the clouds and had batteries to keep it running during the nights.

Ven’s quadrocopter touched down down on the deck and she and Felix stepped out.

The wind was powerful this high up in the atmosphere, and the air was thinner, but she wore an oxygen helmet while walking to the interior building that was near the platforms center,

but off to the side of the runways.

Upon entering she pulled her helmet off and placed it on a rack as a man approached. “CEO Yaeger?” He asked but his voice said he knew it was her.

“Yep.” Ven responded. It was the first time she’d been referred to as a CEO and she felt pride well up inside.

“This way please.” The man turned to lead them down a hallway. He was a short and stocky man but looked like he was made of solid muscle.

His voice was slightly high pitched, but not so much that it was bothersome. He told them he was taking them to Captain Yang, who was in charge of Sky Eye 2.

After several long corridors, and two flights of stairs they were on the bridge of the ship. Captain Yang was younger than Ven had expected with no gray hairs yet.

Though the entire military had been young.

“CEO Yaeger. Welcome. I’ve heard good things!” Her demeanor was cheerful. “We have a room set up for you to get some sleep, we won’t be over the drop point for six more hours.

We’ve also got an assortment of supplies ready for your mission.”

“Thank you.” Ven responded. She wished she could go now, but the one thing the Sky Eye’s were not was fast.

Any smaller ship would be shot down by the Arzat, but the Sky Eye was simply to high and to formidable to hit.

The Arzat has unsuccessfully attempted to shoot them down several times before simply giving up and leaving them be. Nevertheless, the ships were always on high alert.

The quarters were small but Ven wouldn’t be there for long anyway. She set her pack down and tried to sleep, but she simply couldn’t. She was too worried about Tirus.

Instead she finally got up and headed back to the bridge where she waited for Captain Yang to finish speaking with an ensign.

“CEO,” There it was again, “I thought you’d be sleeping.”

“I can’t. You said you had supplies for me? I’d like to take a look.”

“Of course, Felix is already there, they are in the drop room.” After a quick rundown of how to get there Ven headed down to the lowermost floor of the vessel.

Here was a room not unlike a moon pool with a floor that could open wide to para drop anything from supplies to people to vehicles.

All around the room were various storage compartments, and above the opening were hooks and pulleys to hoist things like vehicles above the floor opening.

At the moment the floor was closed and the only light was artificial.

There was a provisions officer speaking with Felix, who looked over and waved in acknowledgement of Ven. She walked over towards them. “Hello boss.

” The officer acknowledged Ven in the unofficial term for her position. Though not official, the name was generally overlooked in terms of military protocol, and Ven didn’t mind it.

She looked at the officers name tag, “Hello Ensign Riley. I’m told you have some supplies for my mission.”

“Absolutely.” The ensign was clearly excited. “Some of our best stuff. Follow me” He turned and walked toward a large chest, pulling a key from his pocket to open it.

As the chest opened a platform inside raised up and Ven looked over all the gear.

Riley picked up the pair of glasses. “You’ve got your standard glasses, but they have one major upgrade. That right there.” Riley pointed at a strange looking plasma gun.

It didn’t have a handle that Ven could see and looked as though it attached to her armor on the shoulder. Her assumption was quickly confirmed by Riley.

“These glasses link up with that and enable you to fire a virtually limitless supply of plasma rounds with perfect accuracy.

There’s a trigger attached to the right glove,” He reached to pick it up. The trigger was at the center of the palm. A small box covered it.

Riley continued, “you flip that box open and then anytime you make a fist that gun will fire wherever you’re looking.”

He continued, reaching to a bag, “Your backpack has a standard drone with a self destruct option, but it also has a small plasma pistol attached to its underbelly.

” Ven liked that upgrade, it would come in handy. “There’s also three life straws, a limitless fire starter, six standard grenades, a thermal blanket, and some rations.

” Riley quickly breezed past the items as they were all standard. “But this is cool.” He pointed to a folded up shirt and pair of pants, black in color.

“Not only are these virtually bulletproof, but they are made with synthetic muscle fiber that senses your movements and augments your strength.”

Ven was impressed. She didn’t even know such a thing existed. “On top of that, they can change between solid black, or black blue or green camouflage patterns as needed.

Just pick one from here.” He flipped a small box open on the left wrist of the shirt.

“Your boots,” he carried on, “have small jets that run off of batteries. The batteries are continually charged by your own bio kinetic energy.

They enable you to move up to twenty miles an hour under water.”

“And last but certainly not least,” he reached and picked it up, “your helmet. It will allow you to breathe underwater, is completely bullet proof, has a built radio, and best of all...

” he reached down and pressed a few buttons on the left wrist panel that he had used previously and the helmet turned into a person.

A woman in dirty rags like the ones Ven had worn in her early youth.

“Woah,” Ven couldn’t help but be amazed. “Now that will be useful camouflage.”

“Yep” Riley replied, “it will hide your bag and everything. The only problem is it has to scan the ground to try and replicate it, sometimes a distortion can be seen if your moving to quickly.”

“Still” Ven said, “that will be more than a little handy.”

With that Ven had seen her gear. She still had four hours until the drop. “I guess I’ll try and sleep now. Maybe I can get a few hours. See you in a bit.

” She said goodbye to Ensign Riley and Felix, and headed back to her room. Sitting on the bed, and then laying down, now knowing what her tools were, she did manage to fall asleep.

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