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mipoet Insomniac
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She bites her lip when she is nervous. That’s rare though.


She bites her lip when she is nervous.

That’s rare though.

She did it when we first met.

I thought it was adorable.

She has curly blonde hair,

and deep brown eyes.

She always knows what I’m thinking.

What I’m trying to get away with.

She holds me accountable.

She doesn’t just make me want to be a better person.

She actually makes me be a better person.

I love her for that.

I’m a stubborn one.

But she knows just which fights to pick.

So we rarely fight.

Which is good.

I hate fighting with the person I love so much.

She lets me play video games.

Even plays them with me.

She lets me have not one, but two big fish tanks.

And chickens and cats and dogs.

Even a couple snakes for the boys.

My little zoo.

And she puts up with it all,

because she loves me.

For reasons I can’t fully understand.

But she does.

When she asks if I took my pills,

it’s not to win a fight.

It’s to know if I’m taking care of myself.

Cause I don’t do that well.

So she makes sure I’m taken care of.

By making me eat,

and sleep.

Like I should be doing now.

Instead of writing.

But I’m just thinking about her.

Wishing she was up,

with insomnia,

beside me.

She is sleeping soundly.

I won’t interfere with that.

But I will tell you all about her.

The girl I love.

My sweetheart.


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