Journal 9
Journal 9 therapy stories

mipoet Insomniac
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If you’re following my page then you see that I’m working on a novel.

Journal 9

If you’re following my page then you see that I’m working on a novel. I hope you like it.

I’ve had a bad headache the last few days and I smoked some CBD flower for pain relief after the over the counter medicines started upsetting my stomach.

It didn’t get me high being as it was CBD, but I’d still rather not have to use it. There is a small amount of THC. Overall though I still feel positive about my recovery.

I’m starting to genuinely like being sober and I’m seeing that I can accomplish a lot more that way.

My book is an idea I’ve had for years, I had written and re written the beginning numerous times but never really got further.

But yesterday I re read one version and really liked it so I decided to run with it. It’s been keeping me distracted and I’m hoping one day I can get it published.

Of course I have to finish it first. That’s where you all come in. If you like it and mark as such or make comments I will be more and more encouraged to finish it.

I already have a few people reading so I feel obligated to keep the story going.

In terms of my personal life I am looking forward to group tomorrow. I didn’t go on Friday so it’s been a few days.

My wife had to work but I tried to clean up the house for her for mothers day. And I tried to keep the kids from harassing her too much. I also wrote her a poem that you may have read.

My boys have kept me on my toes, and I’ve been interrupted by my youngest one three times just in the process of writing this journal. One day they will be older and more self sufficient, I know.

My fish and chickens and cats and dogs have all been good. I do so love my animals.

I’m filled with optimism at the moment, I suppose I am hoping my book will turn in to something.

But even if it doesn’t, my primary therapist thinks that engaging my creative brain is the best way for me to combat depression. I think she’s right. I love to create things.

And even if I can’t get it published I’ll be very proud of myself if I finish it.

As always I am appreciative to all of you who follow and enjoy my work. I will do my best to keep it coming.

And if you’re primarily here for my poems don’t worry, I’ll still be writing plenty of those. I was just possessed by the book today.

Thank you and best wishes always!

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